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> Credit analysis

It is likely that you need a loan, but your bank determines that your credit history has some shortcomings and will not grant you financing, or that the interest rate you will be charged is not convenient for you.

If this is your situation, we will evaluate your case with the aim of helping you to draw up a strategy that best suits your interests.

> Credit Repair

Imperfections on your credit report, including late or missed payments, have a direct impact on your credit score and can be a deciding factor in whether you are approved for a new loan.

Simply put, if you have any problems or errors on your credit report, you should resolve them as soon as possible. We will map out for you the best strategy to help you resurrect your credit.

> Debt organiser

In order to manage your loans as well as possible and not get into financial difficulties because of their repayment, we will analyze for you the characteristics of each of your loans and organize the precise amounts to be repaid on a regular basis.

In this way, you will be able to have an overview of all the amounts due on your loans and anticipate them in order to avoid having your direct debits rejected. This will enable us to assess your resources in relation to the rate of effort you are able to bear and to draw up the strategy that suits you best.

> Debt consolidation

If you have to repay several loans and they represent an important part of your resources, we offer you the possibility of grouping them all together in one credit with the aim of reducing your monthly payments in exchange for a longer repayment period.

In addition, we can help you take advantage of the opportunity to lower your interest rate.

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